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There are links you may visit for maps and additional information below.

National Forest Website:   (Rock Mtn Fire)

Information to aid homeowners can be found here: and

Online donations may be made at the Gofundme link:

Friday 11/18/16 Update 6pm
Good evening. NO news has been good news. Our weather forecast for the weekend is undoubtedly going to make the fire and smoke more difficult. We are expecting winds to shift into a southeast direction. This has already prompted the call by EMA officials for a PRE-evacuation for areas of Patterson Gap and Betty's Creek area in the northern part of Rabun County. Pre-evacuation means to be prepared and ready to go if conditions change and evacuation is required.

The morning update from operations advised the Plum Orchard and Coleman River containment lines were very good and holding. The concern continues to be on the Tate City area, Upper Hightower in Towns Co. and the Nantahala Wilderness Area at the NC/GA border. Rugged terrain makes getting any equipment to the area difficult and crews are having to work by hand to scratch out containment lines. The Rock Mtn fire is now at 8500 acres.

Again, there are no bans on using the lakes or road closures except for some in the Tallulah River area but everyone is being cautioned about the air quality due to the heavy smoke. Sometimes it is extremely thick and low-lying, causing irritability of the nasal passages, eyes, and throat. Anyone with respiratory issues are strongly advised to avoid the area. At times, there is smoke making its way into homes, vehicles, etc. The winds will likely cause it to blow back in on our area over the weekend in particular, however we can expect smoke and air quality to remain poor for several more weeks or at least until we get significant rain. We have heard from many that have decided to forgo bringing their holiday festivities to the lake areas because of the air quality.

There are links you may visit for maps and additional information below.

It is suggested homeowners in the proximity of the fire take the initiative and prep around their homes. With the extreme drought conditions and late leaf off, fire hazards are compounded. Information to aid homeowners can be found here: and

We have received donations big and small from so many members and Liberty Baptist Church is continuing to make and distribute the packages to the fire fighters county wide and also in surrounding areas in North Carolina where there is great need also. We want to thank all of you for your involvement. Again, I'm listing the items needed, church info, etc. Anyone that wishes, may drop off items at our office. I'm making daily trips to the church and helping prepare the packages as well.

Items requested for care packs:
*Small/Travel packs of Baby Wipes
*Individual Bottles of Eye Drops
*Cough Drops
*Hand Warmers
*Travel Size Toothpaste
*Clif Bars (or other Protein Bars)
*Granola Bars
*Slim Jim or Jerky
*Trail Mix, Nuts
*Cookies, Chips, Crackers, Snack Cakes
*Sandwich and Gallon Freezer Bags
*Fast Food Restaurant Gift Cards

Gofundme link: ions-for-ne-ga-fire-relief

Church Info:
Liberty Baptist Church
2206 Bridge Creek Road
Tiger, Ga. 30576
Phone 706-782-1767
Pastor Scott Cates

Our lake areas seem to be out of the immediate danger zone so updates will come when new or vital information is given. I will continue to update our website with news as well as our Facebook page