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Lake Update  October 13, 2020 @ 10am

Burton Dam has one flood gate open.  Water is below the docks by several inches.  Murray Cove Rd has be reopened.

Seed Lake still has 1-2 inches of water over most docks.  Water continues to spill over Nachoochee Dam. 

Rabun water levels have receded below the docks by several inches.  Three flood gates remain open on Mathis Dam.  Shady Lane Rd is open.  Bear Gap Rd has a narrow one lane repair and repairs are underway on Asher Lane. 

Update:  October 11, 2020   @ 5pm

We are experiencing wide-spread flooding on all three lakes.  We have had road washouts on Murray Cove Rd in the area of Parker Hollifield Rd and in the area of the 300 block of Bear Gap Rd.   As of 5pm, 3 gates are open on Burton Dam and 5 gates are open on Mathis Dam.  We expect Old Hwy 441 to be closed due to high water as well as the Burton Dam end of Crow Creek Rd.  We have sporadic power outages throughout the lake areas also.   Please use extreme caution if you have to travel in the area.  Please avoid boating while the lake is at flood levels to help limit the property damage and for safety purposes with all the increased floating debris.  If you call for non-emergency assistance, please be patient as we are answering emergency calls in priority as well as navigating through downed trees, blocked and flooded roads ourselves.  Stay safe.