About Us...

Mountain Patrol was founded in November of 1973 by Fred H. Stewart, Jr. It began as a patrol based private security company for the Georgia Power Lakes of Rabun County. The crime rate was so high on the Lakes that Rabun County ranked second among property crimes out of Georgia's 159 counties. Fred's unique concept of private security was completely new and had a profound effect. In just one year of operation, Mountain Patrol helped to reduce the property crime rate by 90%, which dropped Rabun County to 134th place.

In March 2001, Fred passed away from injuries sustained from a fall. Fred's step-daughter, Michelle Varner took over the company in order to continue the legacy of his life-long vision. Together with her staff, they continue to reinforce the promise of providing proven "Peace of Mind" security for the lake community known to so many as Shangri-La fifty years later.

Left:  Mountain Patrol Founder
FRED H. STEWART, JR accepting a
"Man of the Year" Award.

Bottom Left:  Fred and his cigars.

Bottom Right:  Fred and former Rabun Co. Sheriff Don Page.